Our customers all have one thing in common – they need to separate particles from liquids. The end result is what counts; that remains true whether we’re working with a local authority water treatment plant, a large-scale biogas plant or a neighbourhood laundry. Making dewatering more effective ensures greater cost savings and greater environmental impact reduction. This is our goal and we work closely with our customers to achieve it.

We design, manufacture and install decanter centrifuges, accessories and in-house developed control systems. We always do this in close co-operation with our customers.

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Each application is unique. By carrying out a test run, we can jointly decide on the best and most economical solution for your dewatering requirements. 

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Effective centrifuges

Simple operation, effective dewatering and complete control of each part of the process – Noxon’s decanter centrifuges offer all this. All our centrifuges can be adapted in various ways to function in each sector and provide the result the customer requires.

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The dewatering process can be complex depending on media and surrounding environment. For those with less needs or who want to test our equipment we offer rental of mobile units for dewatering.

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