About Noxon

Effective dewatering for specific user requirements
Noxon manufactures and sells decanter centrifuges, polymer machines and in-house manufactured control systems and accessories for dewatering.

Our customers operate in many different sectors, which is why Noxon’s products can be adapted in many ways to work in each organization. Our decanter centrifuges are often used for local authority industrial dewatering, but can just as easily work with oil sludge, slaughterhouse sludge, fish sludge, digested sludge, bio sludge, paper/cellulose sludge, etc.

We can adapt the centrifuge rotor, angles, clearance, etc. in order to achieve maximum dewatering results.

Swedish manufacturing in close proximity to customers

Noxon’s products are developed and manufactured in Sweden. This gives us unique opportunities to adapt our products to our customers’ organizations. Our patented design has been specifically developed to make it user-friendly for our customers and offer even more effective dewatering for specific industry segments.

Many years of experience and a highly skilled workforce has made Noxon one of the leading Swedish suppliers of dewatering technology. We have also achieved a prominent position on the export market.