Business concept

Effective dewatering is our business concept

Our business concept is to make our customers’ dewatering more effective, thereby helping them to reduce the volumes that will subsequently need to be processed or transported. This allows our customers to reduce transportation, lower their costs and, at the same time, reduce their environmental impact.

‘Why’ is the word that separates us from all the others

Noxon’s business has its inception in one person questioning why yesterday’s centrifuges weren’t more user-friendly. Ever since, we’ve continued to question why dewatering is so often dictated on the manufacturer’s terms instead of on the basis of user needs. These reflections form the basis of our manufacturing of decanter centrifuges, polymer machines and control systems.

Why do all machines have to look alike?

Black, blue, red or striped? We let you decide what your centrifuge will look like. Our customers can also select materials, accessories and adaptation to make sure our centrifuges work optimally in each organization.