Our history actually begins with a competitor. An industry colleague. Or a source of inspiration, if you prefer.

It was the early 1970s. Our founder, Lars Åke Larsson, was working as an engineer at a water treatment plant. A new dewatering centrifuge was purchased from Germany. Lars Åke was intrigued by the ins and outs of the process – how did this machine actually work? His interest grew and one thing led to another – he applied for and got a job with the centrifuge supplier. Time passed and Lars Åke felt a growing puzzlement… Surely the centrifuge could be made more user-friendly? Surely its regulation could be made more precise? Wouldn’t it be possible to make it even better?

His attempts to interest the company in his ideas met with indifference. But Lars Åke wasn’t prepared to give up. He felt inspired. He decided to give his ideas the chance he felt they deserved. He rented a small office with an adjoining garage and started to experiment. An intrigued colleague and former customer, Göran Mård, showed an interest and soon the very first centrifuge had been constructed in the garage. Noxon had seen the light of day: the year was 1987.

Since then, the new, modern and more effective centrifuge has journeyed from that garage to industries all over the world. A lot has happened since then, but one thing is unchanged – we continue to seek improvements and we always listen with extra care and attention to committed co-workers with good ideas.