Easy choice for Dewatech

Significantly fewer transports and reduced costs for structural materials were the results when Dewatech started using their centrifuge. Excellent two-way communication and a spot-on result from the test run made the choice of Noxon simple.

Dewatech in Gävle receives and cleans sludge from a number of different operations. Sludge from car valeting companies, docks, oil facilities, storm water drains and industries ends up here. This is asking a lot from one facility.
“The character of the sludge we get varies greatly,” explains Tobias Björkgren, COO and Co-owner. “This means that we must re-set the machine often and have close monitoring to achieve the end result we want. We’ve chosen to use Noxon’s SP3000 Sludge Regulator connected to our own comprehensive control systems and we are very satisfied with the results.”

Reduced costs and improved working environment

Previously, the incoming sludge was composted. The new centrifuge has meant large cost savings as today significantly less sludge needs to be transported onwards.
“Our electricity consumption has increased slightly, but that cost is negligible in comparison to what we save on transports and structural materials for composting,” notes Martin Björkgren, CEO and Co-owner. “Neater and cleaner processing, resulting in a better working environment, has been an added bonus.”

Test run led to certainty

The new decanter centrifuge is part of a complex process in which Dewatech purifies water until it’s so clean that it can be discharged directly into the sea.
“This makes extremely high demands on our operations,” says Tobias Björkgren. “This is why it was very good for us to be able to get the test container here and run full-scale tests. The tests turned out so well that we never required any optional extras or any adaption of the centrifuge we chose. It was an easy choice.”

Short running-in period

The DC12 Decanter Centrifuge was installed in April and is currently processing 12-13 cubic metres of sludge per hour.
“We’re very satisfied,” says Tobias Björkgren. “Contact with Noxon was positive from day one with frank two-way communication and it has continued that way. If we compare with other machines we’ve had virtually no problems with adjustments and we’ve received immediate answers to any questions we’ve had. The technology works and we have complete control over every part of the process.”