Polymer Machines

Noxon’s polymer machines consists of communicating vessels. This allows continuous withdrawal of polymer solution as preparation starts automatically as soon as the amount of solution sinks to a pre-set level. This ensures reliable operation.


For powder or liquid polymer
The Noxon polymer machine uses a cylindrical water screen for moistening polymer powder. The solution is then pumped to a mixer vessel and subsequently passes through a waiting zone before it arrives at the outlet vessel. This results in a very homogeneous solution with a long retention time. 
The polymer machine is also available for liquid polymers.

Noxon Wet
Noxon Wet has been developed to provide optimal and problem-free preparation of liquid polymer concentrates.


Noxon’s powder polymer machine prepares the polymer solution continuously in batches, with pre-set start and stop levels. The polymer is moistened by a cylindrical water screen and the solution is subsequently pumped up into the mixer vessel. The pump makes it possible to keep the dissolver and mixer vessel isolated from each other.

Automatic system and alarms
To ensure a constant polymer solution concentration, the water flow to the dissolver is measured. The dissolver has a frequency converter on the dosing screw. A number of alarms on the dissolver ensure problem-free function and operation.

The polymer machine can be controlled by Noxon’s SP4000 sludge regulator.
The equipment can also be supplied with a separate control panel.


The polymer machine’s dissolver can be supplied for use with large sack or vacuum cleaner.

The machine can be supplied with a dust lock to prevent polymer dust spreading around the premises.

The polymer machine can also be used for liquid polymer once the dosing pump for this is installed.