Our customers operate in a number of different sectors. What unites them is a need to separate liquids from various kinds of particles. We’ve got an effective solution for everyone!

Wastewater treatment plant and water works

Local authority water treatment requires effective separation of large volumes of sludge around the clock. Noxon’s decanter centrifuges can be found in many sewage treatment plants all over the country.


Recycling is imperative to make the most of the Earth’s resources. Noxon’s effective dewatering system minimizes the amount of sludge requiring further processing. Water circulation preserves our environment.


Converting digested sludge into biogas is an eco-friendly way of creating renewable energy from biological material. At Noxon, we work closely with our customers to exceed today’s increasingly stringent environmental requirements.

Fishing industry

In consultation with our customers, we are continuously developing our Noxon decanter centrifuges to work in different kinds of processes. Our equipment is particularly useful in the fish processing industry.


Noxon’s effective decanter centrifuges provide the best dewatering result in relation to investment. This is highly appreciated by the food industry.

Industrial laundries

Automatic cleaning with alarm and stop functions for unexpected events provides a safe and controlled work process around the clock. Noxon’s in-house developed control system makes it easy to ensure complete control.


Mining requires large quantities of water. Noxon’s effective dewatering methods reduce both costs and environmental impact. The robust construction of the Noxon centrifuge makes it well suited to the harsh conditions of the mining industry.


Oil-containing sludge is an environmental hazard. Noxon’s decanter centrifuges make effective separation of water from contaminants a simple and problem-free process.


Simple operation and precise control of the dry matter content of the sludge being processed ensure a safe and problem-free process. Noxon’s control system and centrifuges have been developed to meet specific user requirements.

Other industries

Their unique potential for adaptation is one of the major selling points of Noxon’s products. Each decanter centrifuge can be equipped with settings and customized operation to function optimally in different kinds of organizations.